Creamy mix Fluffy pleasure

We engineer machines to deliver sweetness: tasty, tender, airy cakes are the softest results we guarantee. Discover our mixers for cream or for liquid batters.

turbo mixers tt italy



The pre-mixing equipment can be made in various sizes according to the productivity required. We offer two dedicated mixing systems, one for batter and one for cream. Batter pre-mixer has blades rotating on the vertical axis and a flat bottom, while cream pre-mixer blades rotate on the horizontal axis with a round bottom. Pre-mixers can be completely double jacket for a complete temperature control.

Pre-mixers tt italy


Buffer tank

The buffer tank is installed onto a sturdy stainless steel tubular frame. An internal agitator keeps the product from sedimentation. Buffer Tank can be stand-alone or integrated with the relative Turbo Mixer according to the client’s physical needs.

Buffer tank tt italy



The Turbo mixer (TT Italy Coolwhipper) is designed to emulsify and aerate batter and cream using air, in order to achieve the desired final specific gravity. It can be used for cream and for liquid mixtures. Emulsification is achieved thanks to the design and building technology of rotor and stator. At the same time aeration is achieved through air/gas injection directly in the turbo head. It can be produced in different sizes according to the use and productivity required.

Turbo tt italy


C.I.P. Unit

The C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) unit is engineered to wash and sanitize production plants (turbo mixers) without the need of disassembling them. The C.I.P. unit is the answer to some of the most important needs of our clients: a deep and totally safe cleaning of the equipment in an easy and automatic way.

C.I.P. Unit tt italy
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