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Environmental factors can affect the final result, for this reason ingredients, recipes and machineries need to be professionally adapted to each need and situation. Our moist, airy and tasty cakes are a guarantee of excellent results.

Sweet Sponge Cake

Machines for sponge products like layer cakes, milk layer cakes, roll cakes, Girella cake, Tegolino cake and bases for cakes.

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Sweet Ladyfingers

Ladyfingers are sweet sponge biscuits. They are the basic ingredient in many dessert recipes, like the classical Italian tiramisu.

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Sweet Cakes

Custom made plants for marble cakes, pound cakes, chiffon cakes and brownie.

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Sweet Muffin & Cupcake

Industrial and automatic lines to produce fluffy and tasty muffin and cupcakes.

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Sweet Twinkie & Loaf Cake

A fluffy and tender, light and airy cake that has the richness of a cup cake but the smooth texture.

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Sweet Fillings Coatings Toppings

Machinery and equipment to produce creams to be used as fillings, coatings, toppings.

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