TT Italy

A new start Revolution is the only way

The beginning of the Twenty-first century has been a period of extreme technical and social transformation. The ever increasing information technology and the globalization process required new perspectives, decreeing the collapse of old paradigms. What was seen by most as a threat, for two young entrepreneurs turned into the Great Opportunity.

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15 years of experience
3 our factories
6.800m2 industrial indoor surface
34y/o mean age of staff
3 foreign commercial offices
57countries international presence

* TT Italy: 87% of sponge cake lines installed worldwide in 2016-2017

Flexibility, Quality, Specialization

By adopting a participatory management style, we transformed synergy in a great asset. In our meritocratic system every member is ganged according to their skills and their entrusted targets. The assessment is continuous because everyone assumes the responsibility for the work to do. In an environment free from the burden of the old managerial structure, you no longer look at working time and breaks, but you focus on problem solving, with enthusiasm and always new energy.

TT Italy world

Brand new Vision

Global reach from the very first project. TT Italy did not go through a long and tortuous process of business internationalization, because it already was international since its first installation.

Brand new Strategy

Nonconformist. We respond to the new competitive environment with a courageous choice: hyper-specialization. By walking out on quantitative logic, we seek the goal of quality.

Brand new Management

Our most precious resource is human capital and its dimension. We believe in individual responsibility, in ongoing training and is striving to achieve ever higher goals. Enhancing the work of each team member is the best way to pursue the Company’s objectives.

Teams for a Global marketplace

The best solution is achieved by examining problems through multiple perspectives. We do not use hierarchical systems to improve our decision-making and planning processes. Innovation comes from the high skills of each individual, playing their role in a highly collaborative context. From our headquarters in Friuli and our foreign offices we approach our clients with competence and courtesy, providing lines and machinery to valued customers in over 48 countries around the world.

TT Italy departments
TT Italy

Environmental sustainability Our green approach

Thanks to the production of electricity via its solar panels, TT Italy is energetically self-sustaining, with an environmental impact close to zero.

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